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Shademaster Profile
Our Shademaster was designed to fill the need created by Bowls Clubs to ensure maximum playing comfort for bowlers on hot sunny days.

Our Shademaster will provide relief from the dangers of excessive sun exposure and dehydration that can occur during a normal game of Bowls. The Shademaster will provide a cooler and healthier environment for players. The Shademaster can also provide higher revenue to clubs during the hot summer seasons.

The Shademaster is designed to a standard - not to a price. Quality, ease of operation and reliability have all been incorporated into this design at a finished turn-key price that represents unbeatable value. From our generous use of stainless steel components through to the finished painting process, we have no doubt that our Shademaster is superior in every aspect to any competing product and we are quite confident it will very soon become the benchmark for this style of shade.

Our Commitment to complete quality and value for money is encapsulated in this shade.
The Shademaster is now a cornerstone product.

Quality Control
We have a well equipped modern fabrication shop staffed with very competent engineers. The engineers that design and build the shade are the same engineers that install the shade, therefore they have full and comprehensive knowledge of design principals, manufacturing procedures and operational functions.

True quality control starts with the correct staff. We have long-term dedicated staff in place that were chosen for their attitude as well as their skills. Our staff are customer focused, their conscientious attitudes are great resource and an asset to the company.

Five years on the structure with a fast response time.

Frame Specifications:
Designed by one of Australia's leading Shade Structure Engineers, The Shademaster structure offers the following specifications:

  • 125mm x 125mm x 5mm walls SHS, CH450 Grade 100% Australian steel.
  • Strong trussed designed columns are further strengthened by internal crusher tubes reinforced by 12mm plate at the critical point.
  • All bolts, fixings and ancillary items are made from Stainless Steel. We do not use galvanised or zinc coated components where stainless steel components are available.

Stainless Steel Tensioning Wires:

  • Main tensioning wires are 1 x 19, 316 Marine Grade, 16mm Stainless Steel Wire, European Standards tested with a minimum breaking strain of 20,000kgs.
  • Operating ropes are 6mm High Density Kevlar Cored Polyester Sheathed Synthetic Rope, again European Standards tested and with a minimum breaking strain of 1,500kgs.

Corrosion Protection:

  • The entire steel structure is Hot Dipped Galavanised.
  • All bolts and Ancillary Hardware is made from stainless steel where applicable.

All footings are site-specifically engineered to soil conditions and load testing. The braced pier style footings are supported by reinforced 32 MpA certified concrete. One-Steel Australia manufactures the reinforcing cages to our Engineers specifications and deliver them direct to the site ready for installation.

After consultation with green-keepers and bowlers, a shade factor of 80% was selected for the depth of shade for the following reasons...

This 80% U.V. factor will provide satisfactory shade and will allow enough light through so as not to have an adverse impact upon the green's surface, and it will also no darken the playing environment beyond a reasonable level.

We use only the highest quality Australian made monofilament knitted Premium Grade fabric that carries a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years against U.V. degradation. We do not use Indonesian manufactured fabric.

The seams are laid flat for strength and double sewn with a U.V. Stabilised PTFE (Teflon) Thread. Although this thread is far more expensive than standard polyester thread, the benefit is that it will not break down. Polyester thread will breakdown between 5 & 7 years, which means the canopy will then require attention. Using this thread eliminates the need to re-stich the canopy in mid life.

The U.V. stabilised PTFE thread is not used by the majority of shade manufacturers due to it's very high cost, typically they will use a 210 or 277 gauge polyester thread in order to allow them to remain competitive. However, we offer this service as standard. The fabric is tested to and complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

Specifically the fabric tests as follows:

 Shade Cover  79% Tensile Strength Weft  1800N
  UVR Block 78%  Burst Strength 2600KPa
 Tear Strength Weft  200N Tear Strength Warp  130N
  Tensile Strength Warp 700N  

Motors and Driveline:
-We currently offer two drivelines; We have designed the Shademaster for ultimate reliability. Depending on the Bowls Club requirements, we can use a 3 phase, 3hp (horse power) motor with an industrial quality reduction gearbox to drive the unit. The drive is transferred via a strong driveshaft assembly through sealed, self-aligning bearings and couplings to the specifically designed operating pulleys. Or we can build the system with seven x 1.5hp motors, mounted on each column, to operate each control cable.

We have incorporated a programmable variable speed control in the drive system. This variable speed control eliminates the sudden start up jolt and unwanted inertia being transferred through the shade drive system upon start-up.

Acceleration and top speeds can be set exactly to ensure minimal wear on the moving parts.

Also incorporated in the unit is an overload protection unit. Should a problem arise whereby the shade is under strain, the system will shut down so that the cause of the problem may be determined without any damage being sustained.

Electrical Components:
Our components are high quality CMG, TECO or MOELLER, with I.P. 56 rated motors and cabinets.

The electrical components and drive system is designed and engineered in conjunction with Integrated Motor Systems, Electrical Engineers.

Based locally on the gold coast, this company also provides motorised drive solutions through out Australia for oil and mining companies and in other places such as the United Arab Emirates and Dubai

This team was selected for their vast knowledge of motor control systems and industrial switching controls. They are leaders in the field of switchboard and motor control design. The switchboard is contained in an I.P. 66 rated cabinet.

Please Note: Full schematic design and specifications will only be released once Shadex Industries has been appointed as the successful candidate for the supply and installation of the shade system.

Our Shademaster has been engineered to a very high standard using only the best of materials and components in order to provide long term value for money for our clients. We have designed and manufactured the Shademaster to ensure it reliably meets your requirements. It is built to last and provide a cooler environment for players.

We believe that with the Shademaster we offer a valuable and dependable asset to the Club. The Shademaster will undoubtedly increase summer attendance levels and make the entire playing environment far more comfortable for members and visiting bowlers to enjoy.

The Shademaster addresses health concerns and increases Club attendance, the Shademaster has also proven to be a great tool for Green maintenance and annual renovations. The Shademaster saves on water usage and chemical cost and by shading the Green at critical times the Shademaster increases moisture retention and nutrient uptake, thereby promoting faster results and healthier turf.