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Shadex Industries

Shadex Industries will under-cut any Written Quote by at least 5%.

Proudly serving the Bowling Clubs Since 1989

We now have the benefit of 30 years of shade knowledge and product development behind us. We have the experience of over 1100 Bowling Club site evaluations. Throughout the last 30 years we have come to understand our customers. We know what our customers want and we deliver quality shades that suit their exact requirements.

We also know how to assist our customers. We ensure that they receive quality information to enable them to make informed decisions on what is required. We offer Clubs a complete range of quality shades that do the right job and continue to perform well throughout their lifespan.

Shadex shades are proven shades that have stood the test of time. The quality of our shades is reflected in the fact that in most cases, our customers are repeat customers.

'Please take the time to review our list of impressive referrals from some of our repeat Clients and very satisfied customers'

A family owned Company formed back in 1989, we were the first Company in Australia to specialise in Bowling Club shades and to this day, we remain the ONLY Company to still do so. Yes, we have seen competition come and go over these last 30 years but, unfortunately for the Clubs who bought their products, these overnight competitors are no longer around to service their customers. All too often we are asked to repair or replace inferior shades that have just not lasted or have been supplied by a manufacturer that has gone out of business.

Over the years Shadex Industries have developed a solid reputation for making high quality, value for money shades for Bowling Clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand.
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Australian Institute of Man
Master Builders Association

All Shadex shades carry a full 5-year warranty.

With over 30 years and in excess of 1100 Bowls Clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand most certainly goes to prove that our range of shades are of a quality that not only meets Australian & New Zealand standards, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, meets the high standards expected by our clients.

With so many successful projects and satisfied clients behind us, our Company and products have gained strong support and unanimous approval from Bowls Club committees and members throughout the various regions over the years.

Our range of sunshades has been professionally designed and engineered to suit Bowling Club requirements. Our fixtures and components are made from stainless steel and UV grade polycarbonate. The framework is Australian BHP steel that is galvanised inside and out, then powder coated. We make hard wearing structures that are manufactured specifically to be rigid and sturdy enough to withstand the most severe Australian elements including hail and cyclones. Our shades are guaranteed to last.

Buyer Beware

It has come to our attention that once again, another company has copied our product.


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    MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

  • MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

    MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

  • MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

    MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

  • MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

    MacKenzie Park Bowls Club

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