Each Sunchaser is 2.4 metres between the posts and designed to easily accommodate a 2 metre Shadex Industries Quality Anodised Aluminium Seat between the uprights (Seats are Sold Separately). Ideal for bowling clubs and all sports clubs.

These shades present well and are quickly and simply operated by one person, locked open by a simple sprocket and latch mechanism and easily retracted, our Sunchaser Shades come in the following styles:

  • Single-Sided Sunchaser– A long side only structure with a spring activated retractable fabric assembly with no rear canopy
  • Short-Back Sunchaser – The long side is the same spring activated retractable fabric assembly with the addition of a rear short fold away canopy
  • Double-Sided Sunchaser– Here we have two long side canopies,  being one long side spring activated retractable fabric assembly on each side, this shade is generally used on the concourse between two greens where players can face each way

Shade areas for the three Sunchasers are:

  • Single-Sided Sunchaser – 2,400mm between the posts. Extending 1400mm outward on the long side (these units are ideal on the south side of the green or against a fence or wall)
  • Short-Back Sunchaser – 2,400mm between the posts and a total of 1800mm projection, extending 1,400mm on the long side, 400mm on the short side. (these units generally placed on the perimeter of the green)
  • Double-Sided Sunchaser– 2,400mm between the posts and a total of 2800 projection, extending 1,400mm on each of the two long sides. (these units are generally placed on a centre concourse between two greens.