Shadeaway 3000

Shadeaway 3000

Initially designed in 2016 specifically for Victorian Bowls Clubs in conjunction with strict Vic Health Grant Application requirements, the 95% UV Shadeaway 3000 offers superior shade and UV protection and has now become our staple Shadeaway Retractable Shade System.

We now offer high quality laser cut stainless steel posts for the Shadeaway for use in oceanside settings, this option is a very valuable opportunity for Clubs to enhance the life of the asset as standard galvanised posts can show severe corrosion and need replacing in 10 years or less in harsh environments – whereas the stainless will last ad infinitum.

Colours Available

  • Magnolia Frames & Dark Green Fabric
  • Pearl White Frames & Ocean Blue Fabric
  • Pearl White Frames & Mid Grey Fabric
  • Charcoal Frames & Black Fabric

In addition to the 95% UV fabric offering increased shade and a higher UV protection, the 95% fabric is also stronger than the previous 80% used in the Shadeaway 2000 – the additional benefit being that the fabric will actually last considerably longer than the standard 80%.

Whereas typically we get 10 years plus out of our 80%, we envisage accordingly 15 years from the 95%.