Drink Holders

Drink Holders

High Quality Aluminium and Stainless Steel Drink Holders now available from Shadex Industries.

Made from Laser Cut Powder Coated Aluminium with Laser Cut Powder Coated Stainless Brackets and Bolts, our Drink Holders are made to accept 8 Drinks, the Holder rotates on it’s own axis to keep the drinks in the shade and the Aluminium Backing will deflect the sun’s heat without transferring any heat through to the drinks.

The Aluminium Back has also been developed with Sponsor’s Advertising in mind to generate additional revenue and Shadex can assist with the artwork development if the club wish to use the space for internal advertising and promotions such as Social Activities or in-house Food and Beverage Specials

8 Drinks Holder = $285 + gst

These are sold as flat packed to lessen freight costs so minor assembly is required.

Shadex Drinkholders are designed so the drink tray is totally accessible and are easily and completely wiped out for a spotlessly clean finish every time!
No more stale beer attracting flies and smelling in the hot sun.

Shadex Drink Holders are made to attach to our Shadex Shade Posts and can be powder coated to match the Shadex Shade Frames, like the Scoreboards the generous advertising space of 460mm x 325mm can easily show a 100% return on investment in 2 years when promoted to local advertisers.