Product Facts


Specifically designed and certified by Registered Structural Engineers, Shadex Shades are built to strict specifications ensuring years of service. All steel is Australian made BHP to guarantee longevity and performance, NO Chinese steel is ever used at Shadex. The structural steel is cold rolled galvanised then powder coated to our requirements. All welds are high grade 100% stainless steel.

All bolts are stainless and all nuts are stainless steel and self locking to ensure structural reliability.

Precision cut 5mm thick Stainless Steel Mounting plates are welded to the uprights using stainless steel welds.

These Stainless Baseplates incorporate a drainage facility to prevent water retention and premature corrosion of the post.

Computer Controlled Laser Cut Baseplates are 100% identical, so if replacement of a Baseplate mounted upright is required, the new post is guaranteed to fit exactly over the previous footprint.

Laser cut for uniformity and reliability: All of our components are made of Computer Controlled, Laser Cut Stainless Steel to ensure uniformity and product reliability. These items will never wear, corrode or need replacing and are built for life. Years of supply coupled with constant assessment in the field has allowed us to constantly monitor components to ensure years of trouble free service.

Complementing the complete stainless steel bolt range, with the introduction of our Stainless Steel Dynabolts you can remain assured the mounting bolts will not corrode and lose their strength.  Now 100% of the bolts, nuts, washers used in the assembly and construction of the shades are made from Stainless Steel.

Our Extra Corrosion Protection (ECP) was introduced as an option for oceanside Clubs in 2014 to combat premature corrosion in coastal locations and as a result of customer uptake this popular option is now standard on all of our shades. ECP significantly enhances the structural life of the shades by adding specific corrosion resistant measures throughout manufacture and assembly.

ECP will make the shade structure last longer and also ensure longer serviceability on all of our shades.

NB: All Shades with ECP receive a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Facts About Installation

Shadex Installation
Our highly experienced and reliable team will attend site, remove any existing structures and install your new Shadex Shades quickly and efficiently. The job will be completed fuss free and the shade setting along with their operation will be guaranteed perfect.

All Shades Installations carry a full 5 year warranty.

DIY Installation

Experience: We have been supplying Shades in kit form since 1989, our shades are designed to be installed easily by persons with average skills. In the 30 plus years of supplying thousands of shades in kit form we have not had one customer have any difficult installation issues.
We do most of it for you: All smaller and all intricate items are pre-assembled for your convenience leaving only the larger items to bolt together onsite.

24/7 Support: Clear and comprehensive instructions are enclosed in every shipment, These instructions have evolved after many years of supply  and hearing customer comments – but in the chance  any difficulty arises, we are available 7 days a week to assist by phone or email.
Have no concerns: After all, it is OUR job to make YOUR job e.a.s.y.!

Aluminium Seats

Built to Australian Standard Specification, our aluminium seats are made from Australian high grade anodised aluminium extrusion, have aluminium legs and cast aluminium alloy endcaps.

The seats are available with backrests or without backrests.

All bolts, nuts & washers are made from Stainless Steel, and on Baseplate models Stainless Steel Dynabolts are optioned and supplied with the seats.

A Note on Seat Pricing: As with all aluminium, the price is pro rata to the amount of aluminium supplied, so in essence, seats with backs can cost nearly double those with no backs.


Shadex Quality  Aluminium Seating carries a full 5 year Warranty.