Bowling Club Shade & Seating Solutions ... Since 1989

Established 30 years ago in 1989, we are Australia's largest manufacturer of Bowling Club shades. We hold a solid reputation for supplying quality shades and we take pride in our services and fully guarantee our products & workmanship.

Shadex shades and designs are highly regarded throughout Australia as the industry standard for Bowling Clubs and throughout these last 30 years we have more than 11,000 shades erected in over 1,000 Clubs. We are proud to state our clients have never had cause for concern over our integrity, service or warranty.

We are by far the preferred shade supplier for Bowling Clubs throughout NSW, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand. To this day our integrity and commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction remains unchallenged. Major Bowls Leagues and Associations endorse Shadex Industries as an ethical, stable and reliable company to deal with. (see Referrals)

We are recognised by Vic Health, the NSW and Queensland Departments of Sport & Recreation and these departments have recommended us to various organisations to provide their shade requirements. Due to our longstanding service and quality of work we have also been selected by Councils to undertake community shade projects.

Customer satisfaction is the very essence of our success. Through every level of the Shadex organisation, total customer satisfaction is not only a responsibility, it is an obligation. Our staff are all very competent, diligent and we continue to remain steadfastly committed to provide quality products and offer value for money to our clients.

  1. Shadex are the only Australian supplier of premium quality retractable shades that are made specifically for bowls clubs.

  2. Shadex only build retractable, bowling club shades that are an advantage to bowls clubs in that permanent shadow does not interfere with or cause damage to the Green.

  3. No other company specialises in this particular area of shade construction.    

  4. Shadex have been in operation since 1989 and hold a good reputation.

  5. Shadex are preferred suppliers to Bowls Clubs, Councils and Govt Agencies throughout the country.

  6. Shadex offer a full 5 year warranty on their products and services.

For the above reasons, Shadex should be your preferred supplier for Quality Retractable Bowling Club Shade Systems.