Bowling Club Shade & Seating Solutions ... Since 1989

Built to Australian Standard Specification, our aluminium seats are made from Australian high grade anodised aluminium extrusion, have aluminium legs and cast aluminium alloy endcaps.  

The seats are available with backrests or without backrests.

All bolts, nuts & washers are made from Stainless Steel, and on Baseplate models Stainless Steel Dynabolts are supplied with the seats.

A Note on Seat Pricing: As with all aluminium, the price is pro rata to the amount of aluminium supplied, so in essence, seats with backs can cost nearly double those with no backs.

Shadex Quality  Aluminium Seating carries a full 5 year Warranty.

Why you should decide on aluminium seating for your sports and recreational club..

  • Good Looking, Resists Deliberate Damage - Aluminium seating creates new standards in eye-appeal and durabillity. It is vandal resistant, and will not mark clothing.
  • Long Life, Even In Difficult Conditions - Aluminium seating is extremely long lasting and it is particularly suitable near seaside areas, and other situations where seating is quickly attacked by corrosion.
  • Smooth And User-Friendly - Aluminium seats have rounded edges and protective end caps, eliminating any potentially dangerous sharp edges, and it does not heat up in summer like timber seats do.
  • Low Maintenance Required - Aluminium seats come in an attractive anodised finish which requires minimal maintenance. Aluminium will not stain, crack, warp, rust or splinter like other seating materials, and needs no painting.
  • Versatile Heights - Seat support heights are available in 350mm and 400mm heights as standard, with either in ground or above ground fixing.

For enquiries please contact a Shadex sales person on (07) 5574-5911.